Monday, April 30, 2007

Vestibular Stimulating Acitivities

Vestibular: is the child’s perception of movement due to the inner ear being activated and the position of the head being changed. These vestibular stimulating activities must be done with caution and calmly so as to prevent the child from falling or bumping head. Children who are non-verbal may not be able to tell you if they are hurting so be cautious.

Inner Tube activities

* Use an old tire inner tube, or get the swimming pool inner tubes and have the child sit on tube and bounce

* Having the child sit on the tube, now have child scoot on indoor tactile path to run a race

* Have various objects and obstacles placed on the path to have the child tube over

Rolling Games

* Play “follow the leader” by rolling over the indoor tactile path

* Have child roll along the path faster and faster

Spinner Games

* Use the scooter boards to have the child spin

* Spin the child on a swing

* Spin the child on a sheet on a slick floor

Ball Games

* Have child bounce on the ball

* Have child rock body on ball either facing down on ball or with back on ball

Whirling Games

* Have child pretend being a top and whirl in room

* Have child hold hands out and pretend you are tuning the arms like tightening a key on an alarm clock

Trampoline workout

* Have a small indoor trampoline on which the child can jump on

* Then have child sit on trampoline and bounce on it

* Have the child run in place on the trampoline

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