Monday, April 30, 2007

Motor Planning and Equilibrium Stimulating Activities

Motor Planning: Child’s ability to organize, plan and then execute new or unpracticed fine motor or gross motor activity

Equilibrium: Child’s ability to maintain balance when shifting positions.

Walking the Line

* Have the child walk along a rope place on the tactile path

* Have the child walk along a beam, which is placed, on the floor

* Have child hopping along the rope on the floor

* Have child hop or jump over the rope on the floor

Roll and Bounce that Ball on the Wall

* Using a large exercise ball, have the child move the ball along the wall by having the child’s stomach do the moving

* Have the child now bounce body against the ball so that the body is bouncing against the ball and wall in a back and forth fashion

Follow the leader walks

* Animal walks on the indoor tactile path using alternating legs which ever the leader chooses

* Choo Choo walks with the engine leading the train along the path

Pushing the Object Games

* Using broom push an heavy object along the indoor tactile path

* Use a bat, yardstick, or dowel rod to push beanbags along the path

* Use other heavy objects to be pushed along the path

Deep Pressure and Heavy Activities for School Age Children

Another form of sensory modulation is "Deep Pressure" or "Heavy work" activities. These are wonderful for providing children with the input they crave including deep proprioception and joint compression.

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