Sunday, May 4, 2008

Visual Thinking Teaching Suggestions

Teaching Suggestions

Replace the learned helplessness of "waiting for ideas to happen" with learned confidence. That confidence will be based on successful practice and achievement through disciplined visual thinking.

Teach students to let ideas evolve out of the practice of ongoing visual thinking rather than being determined by verbal reasoning.

Focus as an instructor on "scaffold thinking" even though the student may be deeply involved with verbal explanations of personal meaning.

Teach and personally value observational speed (quickness) in capturing visual events.

Insist that all mental events must be given some form in the exterior world of materials before they are considered valid visual thoughts.

Stress looking for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th "right" answers to every problem.

In order to pose the right hemisphere new challenges for synthesis, shift:

-The focus of attention

-The sequence of input

Make all activities and exercises specific to one thought process at a time in order to attain the maximum in learning efficiency

Attention exercises should teach that attention is undivided, follows interest, is dynamic, and is a constant process of discovery.

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